Learn and earn through blogs

We are determined to make the world’s largest blogs magzine online. Our only question is, are you interested in helping us to achieve our goal while getting rewards on Blogsmag?

What Is Blogsmag?

Blogsmag is a platform where one can learn and earn through blogs for free. Blogsmag also offers paid promotions through guest blogs/blogging for everyone.

Blogsmag Services

learn through blogs

Learn through blogs

As by name, Blogsmag is an online blog magzine.  It offers a variety of informative free quality blogs written by its users, team and the admin itself. There are so many categories of blogs available on Blogsmag which you can checkcout by clicking on the button below.

paid promotions

Blogsmag offers paid promotions to its visitors through guest blogging. Anyone from an individual to a company can ask for a paid promotion. If you want to promote your content through blogs at lower cost than market ones then Blogsmag can be a better option for you.

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Earn through blogs

People can also earn through blogs or wordpress blogs on Blogsmag by writing their own blogs. Blogsmag also provides a free guide to its users for how to write a good good blog and do seo of that. Amazingly there is no fees for the guide or registration, but they cut 10% fees when a payout is generated.

Blogsmag Features

No Time Limit / Work Load

Those who work for Blogsmag are bestowed with a special feature of no work load and time limit which means one can post less or as many blogs according to their wish, which makes our site special.

Full Support Available

Indeed, for visitors as well as for workers there is full support option available. Anyone can contact us through live chat or can write to us on social media.

Multilingual & Translatable

Blogsmag is a fully translatable site which makes its users to read and understand the whole content on website easily.

Easy to use interface

Blogsmag's interface is so cool and easy to use for everyone. They also provide free tutorials through blogs and youtube video of how to use their site for better earnings.

Easy rewards / earnings

All of your earnings depends on the views you get on your blog. So, by writing a good blog and sharing it on social media, you can earn good money. Amazingly, when you make blogs on Blogsmag, after approval of your post it is automatically shared on all the social media platforms of Blogsmag.

Variety of content

Blogsmag has a lot of authors on it who publish a lot of content every month. Hence, there is a variety of content on Blogsmag.

Free Guide & Tutorials

Blogsmag provides a free guide and some video tutorials about using it. The guide includes, everything about a blog, wordpress blog, readability and seo.

Full Access To Yoast SEO Plugin

Special feature of Blogsmag is that it provides full access of the Yoast SEO plugin to its users. This plugin helps to do SEO of a blog and optimize your content for better rankings on search engines.

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