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text- blogs- create a blog of your own for free

The article covers everything about a blog. It’s meaning, exampleshow and where to start blogs for free and how to earn from them.

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Blogs Meaning- What Is A Blog Post?

text- know everything about blogs

Blog or a Blog Post refers to an online article online, written in a proper manner. A blog can be created on a domain or any free platform like Blogsmag.

Examples Of A Blog Post

Blogs on DIYsport, parenting, lifestyle and education are common blog post examples in which fashion, food & travel are the famous blog topics these days.

Famous Blog Topics

Famous Blog Topics - Travel Blogs, Fashion Blogs, Food Blogs

Blog on travel, fashion and food are the best examples of famous blogs/blog topics these days. People all over the world like to read about these topics.

Travel Blogs

Travel Map with text- Travel Blogs

Travel blogs are the blogs written on tours and places. They are usually created by the people who travel a lot and are fond of writing articles too.

Travel blogs are usually famous because mostly people like travelling either adults or children. Even, if I have to go on a tour somewhere, I read travel blogs a lot. So that, I would find some good places for me to visit with my family or friends. But, keep in mind that sometime there is any disease or disaster in the country or world which can lead you no content at that time. Example- Corona lockdown. So, be ready for that and think once before starting your own travel blogs. Also, as I said before you should have to spend much money on travelling and time on writing your blogs. For instance, writing a blog requires huge amount of time. If you wish to start a free travel blog, visit Blogsmag, it is 100% free.

Fashion Blogs

Fashion products with text- Fashion Blogs

Fashion blogs are the blogs written on fashion products/styles. They are usually created by the models or stars, having good knowledge in fashion industry.

Fashion blogs are very famous all over the world. Because, most of the people love to read about how to look smart and dress like a pro. Isn’t it? Even, if I have to go on a party or a function, I read fashion blogs a lot. So that, I would find some ways to look better since I am a chubby guy or good dress to buy. But, keep in mind that if you want to write fashion blogs, make your content good and unique or people will skip your blog. For instance, with the fame in fashion blogs many people have started writing on fashion topic but due to copy content they don’t get much views. If you wish to start a free fashion blog, go to Blogsmag.

Food Blogs

Food with text- Food Blogs

Food blogs are the blogs written on food dishes or cooking. They are usually created by the professional chefs or moms who love cooking and writing on that.

Food blogs are getting more famous day by day. Whenever there is a disease like Corona in the world, people are locked in their houses. which gives them more time to spend with family and their hobbies. In India, many people, including me and my sister who are fond of cooking and write food blogs. So, food blogs can be a better option to write on. If you wish to start a free blog, do visit Blogsmag.

What Is Blog Writing/Creation?

Text- Blog Writing And Blog Creation

Blog Writing or Blog Creation refers to the making of blogs which consist of various methods and tips to create a good blog to rank high on search engines.

How To Make A Blog?

You can make a good blog by following the tips given below which starts from choosing a niche for your blog and ends at adding categories and tags.

Tips To Create A Good Blog

1. Choose Your Niche And Type Of Content To Write: At first, you should choose your niche ( targeting audience ) for your blog and the type of content you want to write.

For example, if you want to write about Indian sports then your niche is India, you should write that type of Sports which are mostly liked by Indians. Due to this, probability of viewing a blog increases.

2. Do proper Keyword Research And Choose Appropriate Keywords For Your Blog: Before writing a blog, do proper keyword research and note down all the keywords related to your blog. Also, check their SEO difficulty score and If you are new in blogging then you should choose less difficulty keywords with more search traffic.

For doing this you would need a keyword extracting tool such as Google Trends or Ubersuggest

Read How to do SEO of a blog? for full information.

After finding the suitable keywords for your blog, add them in your blog (naturally) to get visitors on your blog with those keywords. 

(Don’t try to do keyword stuffing since it is bad for your blog SEO)

3. Use Proper Heading and Sub-Heading Tag: To increase your blog rankings you should use proper heading and sub-heading tags. h1 is the main heading tag which is used for the title of a blog and h2 to h6 are used for the sub-headings. You should keep only one h1 heading in a single blog and good amount of sub-headings for optimizing your blog.

4. Proper Grammar, Content Length And Images: You should use proper English grammar to write the content of a blog. To write a blog, you should use most of the active voice. We can also use passive voice but not more than 10% of total words.

See full info at How to increase readability of a blog?

In addition to this, try to write atleast 1000+ words content because it helps you with SEO. Also, readers get much content in your blog to read. Other than this, add atleast 3-4 images in your blog which reflects your main blog topic.

5. Add Relatable Categories And Tags:  Whether you are using a free platform ( Blogsmag ) or a paid platform to write blogs, you should add suitable categories and tags. Since, it’s very important if seen on the perspective of SEO as it gives a boost to your rankings.

What is category and a tag?

Category and tag defines a blogpost. Category is referred as a class of the main topic of a blogpost and tag is the label of sub topics.

6. Write A Short And Sweet Conclusion: If you want visitors to read your content then do add a short and sweet conclusion in the last of your blog. Mostly people love to read the conclusion at first since it describes the content. And, if they find the content interesting, they read the whole blog.

How And Where To Start A Free Blog Online?

You can start making a free blog online on free blogging platforms or websites such as Blogger (blogs on/with google) or Blogsmag (blogs on/with wordpress).

Websites To Create Free Blogs-

Blogger (Blogs On/With Google)

blogger logo with text- Blogs On/With Google

 You can make as many blogs on/with google at blogger platform offered by google itself. You just need an id on blogger to make blogs there.

Blogger is a free platform where you can create blogs and earn money with them for free. You just need an Id for that which you can create by signing up there. When you create an Id on Blogger you gets a sub-domain such as On that sub-domain you have to upload the html file of your website or you have to choose a sample template for your blog.

Being honest, it really sucks especially for beginners, since they don’t know how to handle all this. Also if you see with an eye of SEO it is very difficult to rank your blogs on blogger. Hence, I would recommend to use Blogsmag for creating a free blog and to earn from that.

Blogsmag (Blogs On/With WordPress)

Blogsmag logo with text- blogs on/with wordpress

Generally, you need a wordpress hosting to create a wordpress blog but you can create free wordpress blogs on Blogsmag as it’s 100% free, but only in India.

Blogsmag is a free platform where you can make as many wordpress blogs for free. To create a blog there you just need an Id which you can create by signing up there. After creating your wordpress Id there, you get a role of contributor which is shown on all the blog posts made by you. 

The good thing is that, it provides a free guide which includes the link to blogs about creating a successful blog and doing seo of that along with some other info like How Blogsmag works? By this guide one can achieve maximum potential earnings from its blog. It also provides full access of Yoast SEO plugin to its users for free with which you can do SEO of our blogs. See all features of at Blogsmag Earn Money page.

How To Earn Money From A Blog?

 You can make or earn money from a blog in various ways such as google ads, affiliate marketing or writing paid guest blogs.

Different Ways To Earn Money From A Blog


1. Google Adsense

Google AdSense is a program run by Google in which website publishers or you publishes online content and google run advertisements on that.

 These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google. They generate revenue for you on either a per-click or per-impression basis. Read more…


2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing. In this a business rewards you for each visitor or customer brought by your blog or the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. Read more…

3. Paid Guest Blogs

What Is Paid Guest Blogging? In paid guest blogging writers charge a fees for writing blogs for the companies or others. With help of paid guest blogging, buyers are able to promote their content at large scale through blogs. And, writers are able to earn good amount of  money. Read more…

Free Website To Earn Money From A Blog Online

blogsmag logo

Blogsmag is the best and free website to create a  free blog and to earn money from blogs online. It has so many special-additional features unlike others.

I recommend to use Blogsmag for making free blogs since, it provides a lot of additional features unlike others.

Firstly, it offers you a free wordpress Id with which you can create as many blogs there for free. 

Secondly, it gives you full access to Yoast SEO plugin with which you can do proper SEO for your blog post.

 Lastly, it provides you a free guide about How to earn money on Blogsmag. That guide also includes link to some important team blogs. For example- how to make a wordpress blog, how to do seo of a blog?

See all the features of Blogsmag on its earn money page.


Blog is an online article which is written in a proper mannner following some tips and SEO tricks. We can create free blogs either on/with google (Blogger) or on wordpress (Blogsmag).

text- blogs- create a blog of your own for free
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