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Want to earn money with Blogsmag?

Blogsmag offers a free online earning option to its visitors of writing blogs and earning through them. To earn money with Blogsmag, just create an id, make your own blogs, share it and generate revenue for yourself. 

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Who can earn money on Blogsmag?

Anyone from india who is 15+ and have knowledge of english language and writing can earn money on Blogsmag. To make it easy for everyone, Blogsmag provides a free guide to learn blogging and digital marketing

How to earn money on Blogsmag?

To earn money with Blogsmag, create an Id, start writing your own blogs, share it, gain views and generate revenue through automatic google ads or affiliate marketing.

If you don’t know anything from the below questions then I would recommend you to read the Team Blogs. They are available in the menu section as well as linked below. They are very necessary and will help you to write efficiently, to rank your blogs and to earn at maximum potentials. It also contains how to make a blog on Blogsmag (wordpress), how to do seo and all important stuff.

1. How to write a successful blog?

2. How to make blogs on WordPress?

3. How to do Seo of a blog?

4. How to increase readability of a blog?

How Blogsmag Works?

Blogsmag works in a very easy manner. You sign up on blogsmag and create a post, that post is share to all social media platforms of Blogsmag and google ads are run on it. You gain impressions and income is generated.

As blogsmag is a wordpress hosted website, so when you create an id on blogsmag, you get a wordpress ID with contributor role. With that role, you can make fully customisable blog posts which are approved by admin in next 24 hours.  Blogsmag don’t charge a single cent from you for doing all this stuff.

After getting a post approved, your post is shared on all social media platforms of blogsmag. And, to generate maximum potential earnings, you should also share that blog post on your on your social media accounts.

For your kind information, on all of your blogs automatic Google ads run to generate income for you. And, Google Analytics are used to track your income.

Note: If you think to buy fake views or visitors on your post, then there is no point in that. Since, as said before blogsmag team track your earnings through Google Analytics. It gives the exact value of the Impressions and earnings came on your blog post.

Also, by doing this you can be punished by an amount or it can lead your Blogsmag account ban. As it is against terms of service of Blogmag and Google Ads too.

After all this, when you successfully complete your 500+ Impressions on your blog, a payout is generated via your payout method or you can ask once in two weeks.

At last, they cut 10% from your income and transfer the rest to your account.

Benefits of using Blogsmag to earn money from blogs

No Fees For Registration & Post Creation

On Blogsmag, you can register for free and can create as many blog posts to earn money.

Auto Social Share On Post Approval

When you write a post on Blogsmag, it is approved by admin in next 24 hrs. On approval, your post is automatically shared to all the social media platforms of Blogsmag.

Payouts Every Two Weeks

When your blog successfully completes 500 + Google Impressions, a payout is generated to your account. Also, you can ask for a payout once in every two weeks.

Access To Yoast SEO Plugin

To create successful ranking blogposts, Blogsmag provides you the full access of Yoast SEO Plugin. This is the best SEO plugin I have ever seen for making blogs. By this plugin, you can do SEO and increase readability of your blog.

No Worries For Earnings

To generate income for you, automatic google ads run on your blog posts. You don't need to worry about making a Google Adsense Id and adding ads on your blogs.

No Restriction For Promotions & Affiliates

If you want to promote anything via your own blog or if you want to do affiliate marketing with that. There is no restriction on that. You can use as many affiliate links in your blogs.

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