Readability- Make Your Blogs Easy To Read And Understand

text- Readability- Make your blogs easy to read and understand

This blog covers everything you need to know about readability. With good readability of a blog it becomes easy for readers to read and understand our blog.

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What Is Readability?

Readability means the ability or an ease of reading a blog or an article. If a blog has good readability score, then it is easy to read and understand that.

Is Readability Important For A Blog?

By good readability, it becomes easy for the search engines to understand your content and display it on exact searches, which gives a boost to your post.

Also, as discussed before if you have a good score in readability, it means that your content is easy to read and understand. Without good readability, there is no point in whether your readers are going to read your content or not. Good readability means writing your content in such a way that it doesn’t sounds weird or something like a copy content. 

Also for your kind information, google robots crawl your website and understand your blog content before displaying it in results page. So, if you won’t have good readability score, search engines gonna dump your content.

How To Increase Readability Score Of A Blog Or An Article?

seo and readability score of a wordpress blog post in Yoast SEO

You can get good readability score for a blog or an article or you can increase it by following and applying the writing tips. Some of them are given below:

Tips And Tricks To Get Good Readability Score-

1. Proper Heading Tags And Sub-Headings Distribution: Proper heading tags are necessary good readability  as well as for the SEO. Use h1 heading only once for the main blog title and try to give h2 headings to all of your main sub-headings.

Keypoint: h2 heading is better than h4 for seo. For deep meanings and specific content use h4 headings.

What is the maximium text count for a sub-heading?

A sub-heading must not contain more than 250-300 words. If you go beyond 300 words, it means you are going deep in that content. So, you have to create another sub-heading for that. 

Table of contents with h1 to h4 headings

2. Passive, Active Voice And Transition Words: In general you should use active voice in your blog. Since, by that it seems like you are talking with your reader. Also, passive voice doesn’t sounds good. Other than this, use of transition words is also very important. It helps for making a structured paragraph and increases readability.

What is passive and active voice?

To understand it in the simple way, passive voice is the voice in which sentences are formed in a weirrd manner.And, In active voice sentence is formed in a direct manner.

Example of passive voice- The food was eaten by me

Example of active voice – I ate food.

In other words, when we interact with a person, we use- I did this, what about you, do you know, hey! I like this, so this is the active voice.

 The maximum percentage to use passive voice in a blog is arround 10% of the whole content which is very less but fair. So, always try to use active voice, passive voice is counted automatically when we add any info or some stuff like that.

What are transition words?

Transition words are the words like- As a result, Firstly, Secondly, Similarly, In conclusion. These words help to read and understand the content easily in a structured form. Try to use them atleast in 25-30% of your pragraphs.

3. Paragraph And Sentence Length: Paragraph and sentence length is very important for getting good score in readability. And, for gaining readers attention too.

What is the maximum length of a good paragraph?

Maximum text length for a paragraph is 150 words. Sometimes, it exceeds 150 but less than 200 words. So, in that case it’s ok.

Long paragraphs are difficult to read and understand by readers & search engines. Therefore, it is recommended to write your paragraphs in the limit of 150 words, along with proper use of grammar.

What is the maximum sentence length for an article or blog?

The maximium length of a sentence is exact 20 words. Short sentences are easy to read so make a new sentence after every 20 word’s sentence. 

In some cases, the writer or author has to define something which takes more than 20 words. So, there is a limit of using long sentences in your article or blog. And, that is 25% max. In other words, maximum use of long sentences in a blog is 25% and try  to keep your sentences short under 20 words for easy read.

4. Avoid Same Word In Consecutive Sentences: If you want search engines to crawl and index your website in top searches, then you have to increase it’s readability at good level. You can do this by follow all of the four tips and mainly this one. 

Never write a paragraph like this-

Blogs are the article …Blogs do this…. Blogs blah blah

In other words, don’t beat around the bush, never use same word in consecutive sentences. It damages your readability at very good level.

Readers gonna found your content weird and will leave your site for sure. Also, search engines won’t show that blog in top searches. 

Keypoint: You can avoid same word in consecutive sentences by using of transition words.

For WordPress Blogs, we have Yoast SEO plugin for all this and we get a flesch reading score for our readability which tells us that our blog is easy to read or not.

Blogsmag, it is a platform where you can create free wordpress blogs and can generate revenue from them. They also provide free access to the Yoast SEO plugin and automatically social media sharing options. So, it’s like having so many advantages, therefore one should use it.

Conclusion: Best way to increase reading ability of a blog

Best way to increase readability of a blog is follow the tips given in this blog and practice writing more and more. Also, use SEO tools to check your readability score.

If you are new in the field of writing and digital marketing. And, still learning how to increase your readability score. Then, you should make an id on Blogsmag. It is a free platform where you can create free wordpress blogs. There you get full access to Yoast SEO Plugin where you can check all of your SEO and readability scores. Other than this, Yoast SEO Plugin also suggests you how to make changes and write an SEO-friendly article. (with good readability score)

text- Readability- Make your blogs easy to read and understand
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