SEO- Search Engine Optimization- Make Your Blog Fly high

text- Seo- Search Engine Optimization- Make your blogs fly high

This blog covers all the doubts & questions related to SEO. Follow some tips of how to On-Page SEO of a blog and make your blog fly high on search engines.

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SEO Meaning- What Is Search Engine Optimization?

seo stats with text what is seo?

SEO refers to optimizing your website & its content in a such way that the Search Engines identify your content easily and display it on the exact searches.

Types Of SEO

text- types of seo- on-page seo, off-page seo, technical seo

There are mainly 3 types of SEO (On-Page, Off-Page and Technical SEO) which are helpful in increasing the ranks of a website, an app or any online content.

What Is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO refers to the optimizing of website’s content which is displayed on the front-end to the users through a blog or a webpage.

Whether you want to gain visitors on your blog or you want to rank a webpage for some targetting keywords. It is necessary to have proper knowledge of On-Page SEO for that.

What Is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO can be reffered as Back End SEO. It includes Link Building process and tricks of gaining more and more traffic through Social media platforms.

What is Link Building?

Process of getting links to your website/webpage from other’s posts is known as link building. It requires good tie-ups with bloggers and content marketers.

What Is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO includes indexing and crawling of a website. In other words, how fast and friendly your website is for visitors on different devices.

Also, if you do not know let me tell you, google robots crawl our website before displaying it on the exact searches. It is done for the ease of getting good content to the visitors. Hence, the best website with good SEO is indexed on the top results of search engines.

In addition to this, if you are on WordPress, apply a  mobile friendly theme to your website or blog. It’s also a part of technical SEO.

Is SEO Important For A Blog?

SEO is very important to gain organic visitors on a blog. It’s so hard to rank your blog in top 10 results of search engines only by social media sharing.

Without SEO, it is very difficult to gain visitors through organic search or for some targetting keywords, unless you have a huge community on Social Media. For getting good ranks for a blog, On-Page SEO is a necessity. Therefore, you would need proper knowledge (tips and techniques) to do On-Page SEO of your blog. Also, if you are new to blogging or SEO you must read this whole blog. it covers all the important topics related to SEO of your blog.

How to do on-page SEO Of a Blog?

seo diagram with text How to do On-Page SEO of a blog?

SEO is so wide to learn. Therefore, whether you are working on Blogger or WordPress you will need some tips and techniques to do On-Page SEO of a blog. 

Tips And Techniques To Do On-Page SEO Of A Blog

1. Choosing A Focus Keyphrase: The very first step to do on-page seo of a blog consist of choosing a focus keyphrase for your blog. 

What is a focus keyphrase?

A focus keyphrase is a 4-6 word text on which your blog focuses. For example your blog is (The whole guide to blogs)  then the keyphrase must be blog or blogs.

Never choose a focus keyphrase for more than a blog. Since, you don’t want to compete with your own blog for the same keyphrase.

What should be the length of a focus keyphrase?

For choosing a focus keyphrase, you must keep it 4 word or 6 word text since that’s good for seo. Also try to distribute it in all parts of your blog.

But, as often said, excess of everything is bad so don’t try to stuff your focus keyphrase a lot of times in your blog. For this, we have a term called Keyphrase density.

What is keyphrase density?

Keyphrase density refers to the times a focus keyphrase is written or added into the blog. The range for adding a focus keyphrase in your blog  is 0.5%-3% max.

2. Choosing Right Keywords: After choosing a focus keyphrase, we should choose right keywords for our blog. They helps us to generate more traffic on our blog.

What are the blog keywords?

Blog Keywords are the words which are added in the blog while creating it. It helps in gaining traffic on that blog.

How to search right keywords for your blog?

You can get as many keywords for your blog with the help of keywords extracting tools. For example- Ubersuggest and Google Trends.

Just go there, type your focus keyphrase in the search section and you will get all the most searched keywords related to that keyphrase. This is the best method to get high search traffic keywords for your blog.  After that, just note down all the keywords and put them in your blog naturally to get traffic on that blog with those keywords.

Just keep in mind, that the focus keyphrase and the keywords means a lot to your blog. A good focus keyphrase is necessary since it is the text which is added at most of the places in your blog to rank it on that word. And, good keywords for a blog helps to generate and drive traffic to your blog. We can say that they are the foundation of a blog.

Also, if your website is new or a low authority website then you should choose low seo difficulty keywords for your first 20-25 blogs. Since, they are easy to rank.

Ubersuggest interface when we searched seo as our keyword

3. Writing SEO Title And Its Proper Width: Seo or meta title is the text which is shown on the search engines for your webpages or blogs which links to your page or website.

 That blue text in the image is the SEO title. Try to include your focus keyphrase in that title atmost 2 times, this will give a small boost to your seo. For instance, whenever someone will search for that keyword, your blog will appear on that search.

How to add a meta title to your blog?

In general our blog title is the meta title like in blogger. But, if you are  on wordpress, then it can be added with SEO plugins available there.

To be honest, I love to make  blogs on wordpress since it helps to keep things easy. You can make blogs there with a lot of customization. Also, you can download a plugin for doing things automatically. 

How long Meta/SEO title of a blog should be?

A good meta title is of arround 50-68 characters including the separators . On WordPress, we have SEO plugins to add this, which also tells us that our title width is good or bad.

4. Writing Meta Description: Seo or meta description is the paragraph or an excerpt which is shown on the search engines below the SEO title.

google preview of a wordpress post in yoast seo plugin

Keep in mind, that you should use your focus keyphrase in this meta description atmost 2 times.(not more than or less than 2 times). And, try to start your excerpt or paragraph with that keyword.

How to add a meta description to your blog?

In general the first paragrapgh after the blog title is considered as the meta description as for blogger. But, if you are  on wordpress, then it can be added with SEO plugins available there.

How long a meta description of a webpage or blog should be?

A meta description should be atleast 120 to 156 characters. It must be like a short summary of your blog. Keep it unique, simple and in active voice.

5. Adding Keyphrase In Slug: As told before, there is an important role of the focus keyphrase for your blog. We must include it in our blog url (the slug).

Also, make sure, the keyphrase you are going to add in slug must be according to the content. For example- if you wrote a content on wordpress blog and it is of 1500+ words, then it contains a lot of content. So, for these type of blogs write a short slug and that would be just wordpress blog, leave those extra words (how to make a).

Doing this helps in showing a structured data on search engines for your websites. In other words, if you write 2-3 blogs related to wordpress blogs then you can link them to this blog. So that, if someone gonna search wordpress blogs on google, all of the 4 blogs will be shown there. In this way, structure content and linking works.

For introduction and sub-headings, you don’t want to put it as it is. Just, write some of your sub-headings in such a way that it reflects your  main topic (keyphrase) and include it atleast 1 & atmost 2 times in the introduction

6. Adding Keyphrase In Title, Introduction & Sub-Headings: As said before, we should include our focus keyphrase in SEO title and meta description. We should also include it in our blog main title, introduction (the first paragraph after the main title) and in sub-headings.

How to write a best introduction for your blog?

For writing a good introduction, we should try to start our first paragrapgh of the blog with that focus keyphrase and use it atmost 2 times in the intro.

How to choose a best title for your blog?

Choose an eye catchy blog title and try to start your blog title with the focus keyphrase and use it 1-2 times in the title. For ex- (SEO- Make your blog fly with seo).

How to include focus keyphrase in the sub-headings?

For sub-headings, we don’t need to start with that keyphrase we have to just include that word in some of our sub-headings. So that, 5-7 out of 10 sub-headings would reflect our main blog topic.

7. Adding Heading Tags And Proper Text Length: For writing a blog, use of heading tags and proper text lenght is very important.

If you want to write a simple post, then it must be above 400 words. But, if you are writing a cornerstone content then it must above 1000+ words.

What is cornerstone content?

Cornerstone content is the main content of a site after its homepage. If you want to write a blog with which you want to link other small posts then it can be your cornerstone content.

For example- There is an article on Blogs and some posts are linked to this article such as (How to make a free blog?, tips to write a blog), so that article can be a cornerstone content.

How to choose heading tags for your blog?

Truly saying, if you want your blog to rank, choose only one h1 heading and try to use more h2 headings. h2 headings are much better than h4 headings.

Heading tags include h1 to h6 where h1 is the highest size heading and h6 is the smallest. Our blog must contain only 1 main topic or one h1 heading . Now, as h2 headings are much better for rankings so include your main sub topics in h2 headings. And, keep h4 heading for deep meanings or for more specific content. 

See, table of content in the beginning of blog for reference.

8. Adding Image Alt Attributes: Image alt attributes explains the image in text form. For example- if your image contains a picture of dog then you can add an alt attribute as  (A dog of that breed).

You can add image alt attributes fro an image by:   <img src=“image.jpg” alt=“image description” title=“image tooltip”>  And, if you are on wordpress then you can do it in very easy way by just adding the info while uploading the media.

9. Internal And Outbound Linking: Internal and Outbound linking is very important for generating leads and getting baklinks to your website, helping in SEO.

What are internal and outbound links?

Internal links are the links in a post which connects to our own posts/pages. Outbound links are the links in a post which connects other’s content to our content.

What is the role of internal linking in a blog?

Internal linking helps in relating our posts and sending traffic to our other posts too. Also, google bots search for blogs which have good internal linking.

Keep in mind, while doing internal linking do add links carefully. For example- When you are adding a blog link to your blogs, add that link on the proper text (focus keyphrase). See the picture below, in this article we have linked a blog (whose focus keyphrase was seo) for the seo text only. Don’t add links for other texts.

What is the role of external linking in a blog?

External linking or outbound links help the visitors to get full info. about something. If my blog is about seo of a blog and yours about how to make a blog then i can relate and link both of the blogs, so that my visitors would be able to get full info.

Conclusion: Best way Of optimizing your blog

Best way to optimize a blog is to make your blogs on wordpress and download the Yoast SEO plugin there. By that you can get info. about your SEO & readability score.

If you want to make free blogs on WordPress, then Blogsmag is a better option for you. Since, Blogsmag is a free platform which provides free blogging and earning option. Also, it offers full access to Yoast SEO Plugin to its users. So that, they could be able to do SEO of their blog posts and could earn more money through blogs. Also, when your post is approved and published on Blogsmag, they automatically share your blogpost on their social media platforms.

text- Seo- Search Engine Optimization- Make your blogs fly high
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