WordPress Blogs- Make WP Blogs And Rank It High On Search Engines

text- Make wp blogs and rank it high on search engines

WordPress is a hosting & a web developing tool where you can create blogs and rank them through SEO plugins. Use Blogsmag to make free wp blogs.

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What Is A WordPress Or Wp Blog?

A WordPress blog is a blog created on WordPress tool. In WordPress we have SEO plugins which helps in making good blogs and getting good rankings on google.

How To Make A Blog In WordPress?

To create wordpress blog follow these steps- add a new post, edit that post, write blog content, add a featured image, categories, tags and the post info.

Steps To Make WordPress Blogs-

  • Add A New Post The very first step is to add a new post for making a WordPress blog. You can add a new post for your blog by clicking on add new under posts section. Posts section is located on the left side of the dashboard of your wordpress id as shown below,
adding a new post in wordpress
  • Edit That PostWhen you add a new post in WordPress, the editing page is opened automatically. There you can edit your post either by default wordpress editor or with Elementor, see the pictures given below. Keep in mind to take those measures and tips discussed before which helps in writing a good blog.
post editing options in wordpress

  • To edit an old post, go to all posts section located on the left side of dashboard on your wordpress Id. Then click on edit option of the post you want to edit,

all posts section in wordpress
edit option of a post in wordpress
  • Write Blog Content In third step, you have to write your blog content with the help of a post editor. You can make your post either by default wordpress editor or with Elementor builder. As shown in the image there are different blocks available in both of the editors. Make use of those blocks to make a good looking blogpost. For making blogs with elementor you have to download it from the plugins section.
blocks of WordPress post editor
blocks of elementor tool
  • To make your blog rank high do follow the measures and tips which help in making a blog rank. Also, write your article SEO friendly so you would be able to earn more.
  • Add A Featured Image Featured image is the picture which is shown on the right side of your blog title and description on search engines. To add this in your wordpress blog, click on edit option in all post section. Then look for a section of featured image on the right side of your post editing page.
Featured image section in wordpress
  • Add Categories And Tags Add all the suitable categories and tags related to your blog in the column provided on post editing page. To open that page, go to all posts section in your wodpress dashboard, click on the edit option and add categories & tags. We should add categories and tags to all of our posts since it gives a little boost to your post.
categories and tags section in wordpress
  • Add Post Info Post info. includes the meta title and meta description of a post. In general we don’t have to add this since google and bing search engines do it automatically by default. But, sometimes this automatically generated post info doesn’t match our post, so we should add this manually. It helps in SEO of our blog and when the post is shared anywhere it looks good with proper title and excerpt. Generally, we can’t add post info. in a wordpress blog unless we have any SEO plugin there. I recommend you to use Yoast Seo Plugin for doing your blog SEO and adding post info. See below how we can add post info. in a wordpress blog by yoast seo plugin.
google preview of a post in yoast seo plugin wordpress
meta title and description in yoast SEO
  • Check The SEO And Readability Score Of Your Blog Post If you have any SEO plugin on wordpress or Yoast Seo plugin then you can easily check the seo and readability score of your blog. In Yoast SEO plugin it shows green mark for good score. Some images are provided below for reference.
seo and readability score of a wordpress blog post in Yoast SEO

How To Create A Blog Page In WordPress?

adding a blog page in wordpress

We can create a wordpress blog page by adding a page and uploading our content there. Since, it’s difficult to rank blog pages so we should make blog posts.

Is Writing WordPress Blogs Free?

WordPress is a web developing tool (a hosting) which is not free but we can create free wordpress blogs on a free blogging platform such as Blogsmag.

How To Make free Wp Blogs?

blogsmag logo

You can make free wordpress blogs either on a free wordpress hosting provider like infinityfree or on a free wordpress blogging platform like Blogsmag.

Blogsmag is the best website I have ever seen for making free blogs as it provides a lot of additional features unlike others. Firstly, it offers you a free wordpress Id with which you can create as many blogs there for free. Secondly, it gives you full access to Yoast SEO plugin with which you can do proper SEO for your blog post. Also, when your post is approved on Blogsmag, it is automatically shared on the social media platforms of Blogsmag. It helps to gain more visitors on your blog and to earn more. See all the benefits of using Blogsmag on its earn money page.


Wp blogs are created on wordpress and you can make them free on Blogsmag. To earn from wordpress blogs you can run ads on the blog, do affiliates or do guest blogging.

text- Make wp blogs and rank it high on search engines
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